Kulonuwon…Berkah dalem !

Hallo, thank you for coming here. I am Cosmas Eko Suharyanto, I come from a village in South Sumatera. I grew up in a pluralistic environment, where tolerance is ingrained in the lives of local people. My parents taught me to love. The life values instilled since childhood. I enjoyed working and love new things. I am pleased to learn from anyone, so I am happy to share knowledge to everyone. I love my country, Indonesia. I am a Catholic, my faith says that I can love God through the people around me; Family, Community, coworkers, and anyone else I met.

Campus life is a sharing of knowledge


Now, I am a lecturer in computer science Putera Batam University. I am very happy to be with my students; sharing our study happily, no one expert-but share our knowledge together..